Up until now, upcycling has mostly been employed by independent designers for unique, one-off designs. It is expensive and time-consuming to use upcycling for unique pieces. However, this type of upcycling enables designers to substantially reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and minimize the use of raw materials. 

The Trash to Trend aims to bring the upcycling practices to a competitive level with any other designer product while adding extra value because:

  • the leftover materials are relatively cheap and there is a wide variety of local materials available everywhere, thus it's possible to keep the cost down;
  • by choosing a design from TTT web but having an it produced at a local TTT tailor it is possible to get customized high-fashion and high-quality design item without the need to find a personal designer.

By involving the client in the process of completing the garment, a more personal relationship with the designer and the product is developed and, consequently, the produced garment is more valuable for the consumer and will likely be used for a longer time.


Trash To Trend aims to create online meeting place for customers and service providers to find themselves, purchase high-quality design patterns and find local waste materials to offer personalized services. Stay in touch!